What to Know About Roller Mills in Oregon

Roller Mills are mills that use cylindrical roles to crush, pulverize and grind a large variety of materials. They have been used in the processing of common feed materials for many years. The earliest roller mill systems used in feed milling were flour milling stands. They were primarily used to produce coarse granulations of friable materials. Today, roller mill systems are used to crush material, such as grains, ore, gravel, and plastic. A typical roller mill consists of a motor, rollers and a blower. The motor drives the hanger of the grinding roller via the V pulley and center bearing. The roller rolls along an inner circle to crush the materials, while the blower prevents dust and radiates heat in the machine. Particle size reduction is achieved by pressing the ingredient between two or more rollers present in the mill.

Roller Mills in Oregon are classified according to the tasks they perform. A mill used to grind grains or other kinds of friable materials is known as a cracking mill. Mills used to flake grains, or other products are known as flakes or flaking mills. Mills used in feed processing are commonly referred to as roller mills or roller mill grinders. All of these mills have some common features, such as a similar framework to house the rolls. In any roller mill, rolls must be removed periodically for corrugation. Roll corrugations (also known as roll cut or flutings) will vary depending on ingredient being processed, initial and finished product sizes and the product quality desired.

While flour milling may require several varying corrugation styles to produce the desired final product, feed processing can be achieved with fewer corrugation styles. The most commonly used corrugation methods for roller mill grinding is Round Bottom Vee (RBV). For special feed processing applications, such as high moisture grains, some raked tooth with leading and trailing angles, commonly known as Sawtooth is used.

These are just some important details to know about Roller Mills in Oregon. When purchasing a new roller mill, it is important to choose a certified feed processing equipment supplier. An established roller mill supplier can help one determine the best roller mill for their needs. For more information about roller mill systems, and how to contact a reputable feed equipment supplier, go to Millserviceco.com.

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