What to Expect When Getting an Epoxy Garage Floor in Folsom, California

by | May 25, 2024 | Construction & Maintenance

If a garage owner is getting an epoxy garage floor in Folsom, CA, they may be curious as to what the process will be. There are several steps to ensure that the floor is installed correctly.

Cleaning of Old Flooring

The very first step will be that the garage will be cleaned out, and the old floor will be cleaned well. There cannot be any dirt or debris in the floor during this process, as it can cause issues with the flooring.

Application of Moisture Primer

After the garage has been cleaned, the moisture primer will be placed down. Moisture primer will help to prevent flaking and surface peeling that can occur over time.

Stain Coat

The next thing that will be done with the epoxy garage floor in Folsom, CA is that the base stain coat will be applied. This allows for a uniform base color throughout the garage.


After the base coat has been poured, the garage owner will then be able to select the color they want. This is custom-done, and a wide variety of colors are available. Once the color has been chosen, it is applied to the floor.

Seal Coats

Once the color has been applied to the floor, several seal coats are applied. This helps to seal off the floor so that the color will never fade or look dull.

Grit Application

The final step is adding grit to the flooring. This helps to prevent falls and other accidents from happening. It also helps to protect the floor.

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