What Sort of Tasks are Involved with Masonry Restoration in Philadelphia, PA?

For people who purchase older homes, there are times when the masonry is not in the best condition. Instead of tearing everything down and starting over, it pays to talk with an expert about the possibility of masonry restoration in Philadelphia, PA. Here are some of the tasks that are involved in this type of restoration effort.

Rebuilding the Masonry

In some cases, it may be necessary to dismantle the existing masonry in order to restore it to its former glory. For example, the brick facade of the home may be appearing to crumble, but the bricks are actually in great condition. The problem is the mortar holding the bricks together. In this scenario, the process for masonry restoration in Philadelphia, PA will involve dismantling the wall, removing the old mortar, and then reconstructing the wall with the use of the older bricks and new mortar. When the project is finished, the wall will look great and be stronger than it has been in years.

Cleaning the Masonry

Perhaps the masonry looks bad, and the homeowner thinks it needs to be replaced. An expert takes a close look and finds that the main problem has to do with the accumulation of dirt and residue over the years. In this situation, the focus shifts from ripping out the masonry to cleaning it thoroughly. The team will use the right combination of equipment and cleaning agents to strip away years of grime. Once the task is done, the masonry will look as fresh as the day it was first constructed.

Sealing Older Masonry

Once the cleaning or rebuilding process is completed, the professional will want to discuss the possibility of applying some sort of coating to seal the masonry. This will help to prevent dirt from sticking to the surfaces and slow the rate of deterioration in the years to come. Since the sealing agent will be clear, it will not have any impact on the appearance of the masonry.

For any homeowner who is wondering if some elements of the house need to be replaced, get more information here and talk with a professional about the possibility of masonry restoration. Doing do could save a lot of time and money.

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