What does a residential home builder do?

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Building Contractor

A residential home builder can construct any type of home from an individually designed custom home built to a very exacting specification to single family homes in large real estate developments. Depending on the size of the company, the builder may have all of the skilled individuals needed to construct the home or the company will hire subcontractors who do everything from preparing the foundation all the way to putting the roof on.

When a Prescott home builder is first approached by a client about building a home, the first thing is to do is visit the site. Once the builder has seen where the home is to be built, he will meet with the architect for detailed discussions and finally the home builder will prepare a detailed estimate of the costs. As constructing a home can be quite complex with detailed specifications, the builder will prepare a detailed estimate, breaking down the various cost elements so the client has a better idea of how the final price was determined. Once the price is approved, the builder starts to work.

Regardless of whether the tradesmen involved are employees of the Prescott home builder or they have been hired as subcontractors, the residential home builder coordinates the entire job. Using the architect’s design, the builder ensures that all the work is done in full accordance with the drawings and specifications. The work to be done includes the: site preparation, foundations, framing, interior finishing and the services which include electrical and plumbing. In many cases part of the design includes the delivery and installation of the cabinetry and appliances; when the job is finished, the client can move into a finished home.

A major part of what John Nanke does is controlling the cost of supplies, waste management, ensuring that all subcontractors are certified and qualified to do the work and collaborate with the building inspectors. Most large residential home builders have a staff that is capable of undertaking several projects simultaneously.

A residential home builder such as JNSG can offer a wide variety of services. Some builders specialize in certain types of projects such as custom designed homes or homes of a certain style. As an individual who is looking for a residential home builder, plan on meeting with several. It is always a good idea to discuss possible builders with the architect as well as investigating the company to learn about their reputation in the community.

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