What Are Vortex Diamond Pads & What Can You Do With Them?

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Some of you might know what a vortex is but, for the benefit of those that don’t; the dictionary informs us that a vortex is “a whirling mass exemplified by such as a whirlpool or whirlwind”. The word comes directly from the Latin word for an eddy. But, what has this got to do with diamonds and pads?

The main thing to realize is that there is more to diamonds than valuable jewelry. Because diamonds are very hard, they can be used to cut or shape other materials. Diamond tipped glass cutters are perhaps the best known example but, small chips of diamond make an exceptionally efficient abrasive when embedded in some sort of pad.

If a circular diamond impregnated pad is fixed to a flexible backing disc that has raised vanes on its face and provision for a rotary drive on the other side; the diamonds will quickly abrade anything they come into contact with and the vanes will create a vortex effect to remove the dust created when used dry or the slurry if wet lubrication is applied. Such Vortex Diamond Pads are commonly used for stone polishing.

Vortex Diamond Pads In The Stone Industry

As well as being used as the basic building blocks for many structures, decorative stone is also a very popular material for flooring, wall cladding and, most of all, counter tops. Granite or marble are perhaps the best known but any hard wearing stone can be used. After quarrying and cutting to basic size and shape, the stone lacks luster and will be polished to accentuate its natural beauty; this may well be done on somewhat heavy duty industrial grinders and polishers.

However, over time, a polished stone surface can succumb to “fair wear and tear” and be scratched, stained or otherwise damaged and lacking in luster. This is where Vortex Maintenance Diamond Impregnated Pads really come into their own.

Since it is rarely practical to remove a piece of damaged stone and send it back to a factory for restoration; hand held tools and polishers need to be taken to the stone and the restoration or refinishing carried out with the stone still in-situ. Such work is usually carried out by small to medium sized contractors who will have acquired the necessary tools from specialist sources like MB Stone Pro who also conduct hands on training for stone refinishers.

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