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by | Sep 10, 2020 | General Contractors

When someone uses gutters on their home to direct water away from the foundation, maintenance steps will need to be taken to ensure it works properly. Failing to maintain gutters can lead to water pooling around the home as well as damage to the system itself. Here are some maintenance steps that should be taken regularly to keep gutters doing their job effectively. These can be done by the homeowner or gutter services in Charleston SC can be called to tend to the tasks.

It is extremely important to clean out gutters, so water does not back up within the system. When debris accumulates inside of a gutter, the water will have difficulty flowing through to the downspout. Water can the make its way under the bottom layer of shingles on the home, possibly leading to roof leaks. It may also spill over the edge of the gutter, flooding the property or causing damage to the foundation. Scoop out any material from the gutters at the first sign of its presence.

If there is a rip in a gutter, water will leak out onto the ground below. The leak can be repaired using an appropriate caulk for the material the gutter system is made from. A piece of flashing can be inserted into the interior of the gutter to help patch a larger hole. This can be adhered with cement.

If a gutter is pulling away from the side of the home, it will need to be repaired so water that runs off of the roof will make its way inside. Use brackets to hang the gutter from the home appropriately. If the gutter seems to be sagging, and additional bracket can be added underneath to increase its stability and pull it closer to the structure. These can be purchased from a local hardware store and are easily attached using screws to secure them to the home.

If someone wishes to have gutter services in Charleston SC done to help with any of these tasks, they can call a professional business in the area. Visit Carolina Gutter Co.

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