Update Your Home With Decorative Landscape Curbing in Fort Myers, FL

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Concrete contractor

Owning a home is a pleasure and a responsibility, and most people take great pains in making their home’s interior pleasant and comfortable. But the home exterior is an important feature, as well, and its condition can significantly affect the value of your property Decorative landscape curbing in Fort Myers, FL can give your home a neat appearance, increasing your resale value and increasing your satisfaction.

What Can Decorative Landscape Curbing Do For Your Property?

Landscape curbing can be used to define pathways on your property. It can separate flowerbeds from lawn areas to make maintenance easier. It can be used around trees to prevent equipment damage. You can also use curbing to separate play areas from the rest of the yard. Curbing helps to minimize the spread of dirt onto sidewalks, prevent grass growth into flowerbeds, and provide visual interest for your outdoor areas.

How Is Decorative Landscape Curbing Installed?

The installation of your decorative curbing starts with preparing the ground to hold the curbing. A small trench is dug to hold the curbing and to make maintenance of your yard areas easier. This trench must be carefully placed to provide a proper form for the curves and lines of your landscape design. The concrete is carefully mixed on-site and then, extruded into a continuous border. Troweling of the surface removes any imperfections in the extrusions. The curbing is then stamped and textured according to client requirements.

Curbing can help to define yard areas, providing elegance and an organized look to your property. If you are considering decorative landscape curbing in Fort Myers, FL, contact Christian Hernandez Concrete, Inc, for a consultation on how decorative curbing can rejuvenate your home exterior.

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