Understanding the Reasons Why Your Connecticut Well Needs to Be Abandoned

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Well Drilling Contractor

Having a well in rural Connecticut is a common situation. What isn’t common is finding out that your well needs to be abandoned. Ask any well abandonment contractor in Fairfield County, CT how many times per year they complete a good abandonment project, and you will find it’s not common. However, if you need a well abandonment contractor in Fairfield County, CT, it’s because there is a very good reason for it. Here are a couple of reasons why you may have been told that your current well needs to be abandoned.

It Has Contaminants That Can Affect Other Wells in the Area

Poison one well, and you’ll poison them all within a twenty-mile radius. You don’t want to be that property owner with a toxic well that’s poisoning others. If high amounts of dangerous contaminants have been found in your well, and there’s simply no curing the problem with well additives, your well has to be abandoned. Doing so prevents your family from becoming ill, and prevents other wells in the area from being contaminated by the same water from the aquifer that feeds into all linked wells.

You Will Soon Be Part of a Suburb

If there is expanding construction on a nearby stretch of land, and things are quickly turning into a suburb, there’s a good chance that well water is heading out and public waterworks plumbing is heading in. You may be connected to city plumbing very soon, in which case, you don’t need a well anymore.

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