Three Winter Issues For Roof Maintenance On Top Of Which You Need To Stay

Chicagoland winters are rough on your roof. Calling your Roofer Lombard for winter roof maintenance will save moisture leaking into the house and causing mold and structural weakness. Here are three threats to the health of your roof and by extension your house.

Ice Dams

We’ve all driven by houses that look as if they’re imprisoned behind bars of ice. Those bars begin at the peak of the roof. When the snow at the top melts, it runs down the roof toward the gutters. When it arrives, it runs into a dead end. Each new arrival of melted snow and ice adds to the ice dam. It spills off the roof, falling into icicles.

If the problem isn’t fixed, water will leak into windows and walls. Mold will grow behind the walls, giving respiratory problems to the family. The wood of the structure will be weakened, and in a bad winter can collapse. A Roofer Lombard will know this is part of winter maintenance.

Snow Accumulation

One cubic foot of dry snow weighs seven pounds, while one cubic foot of wet snow weighs 20. Homeowners with a flat roof and those with lower pitched roofs or with roofs higher than low pitched roofs will need to clear off the roof each time it snows. If they don’t, not only could the roof collapse, but water will get into the walls and windows of the house and cause untold damage.


All that water has to go somewhere. It will go into small holes at the flashing, vents, chimneys, and shingles. In spring, indoor water damage will showcase this faster than looking at the roof.

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