The Most Common Problems Air Conditioning Units Mobile AL Consumers Experience

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Heating & Cooling

During the summer, the number of repair calls that Air Conditioning Units Mobile AL HVAC service providers receive is staggering. While some repairs require the services of a skilled technician to get the unit up and running, many repair calls could have been avoided if simple maintenance procedures were followed. Believe it or not, many people leave their windows or doors open while the cooling unit is running. This mistake causes the unit to work overtime and can significantly damage the machine over time.

The most common reason that Air Conditioning Units Mobile AL customers call for service is that the coils become too dirty for adequate air exchange to occur. Many costly repair calls can be eliminated by scheduling a less expensive maintenance visit before starting the unit up for the season. During the technician’s visit, they can check the refrigerant level as well as the motor and other electrical components. Preventing problems in the spring means that you won’t have to sweat the higher cost of repairs during the height of summer.

The refrigerant within that Air Conditioning Units Mobile AL home owners use operates within a closed system. This means that if the refrigerant level is lower than it should be, then it was either under-charged when it was installed or there is a leak in the system. An HVAC technician can quickly fix this problem by sealing the link and refilling the refrigerant to the level specified by the manufacturer.

Should the air conditioning unit simply stop working, it is possible that it has flipped a breaker. Let the unit cool down before replacing a blown fuse or flipping the breaker switch. Should this occur again, a repair technician should be called to investigate. It could be that the motor is worn and pulling too much power or there could be an electrical problem.

Keep in mind that condensation within the unit can cause corrosion in the wire. To maintain safe operation, a service call may be required. Other signs of electrical problems include constant cycling on and off or erratic operation. In most cases the unit can be repaired.

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