The Importance of Proper Gutter Service in Fairfax VA

by | Aug 10, 2020 | Construction & Maintenance

The gutter system on any building does more than just remove excess water from a roof. It also protects the siding, windows, foundation, and landscaping. Directing water away from the building, and keeping it from saturating the soil, helps maintain the structural integrity. It is important to keep gutters clean and clear, in excellent condition, and properly secured to the building. The best way to do that is with regular gutter service in Fairfax VA. The gutter system is often overlooked until there is an obvious problem. That can result in avoidable damages and expenses.

A few small leaks, for example, may not be noticeable from the ground even if building owners did frequent visual inspections. Those leaks can eventually allow water to accumulate under siding, on window sills or encasements, and near the foundation. Water expands and contracts with fluctuations in temperature. That makes leaks bigger and allows more water into the structure of the house. Siding can begin to bow or warp, windows will rot, and insulation will be ruined. Structural beams may also begin to deteriorate before any issues are suspected. Mold can grow in the walls, insects and small rodents can burrow in small spaces, and cracks can form in the foundation. The expense of any of those repairs can be huge, depending on the extent of restoration that has to be completed.

Routine gutter service in Fairfax VA is cost-effective and can prolong the life of the structure. Inspections, for example, can alert owners to any minor repairs that have to be done. Clogs can be cleared and debris removed before water flow is slowed or blocked. Any signs that the gutters are moving away from the building can be fixed, and any dents in downspouts can be corrected quickly.

Another way to ensure the gutter system operates efficiently is to have gutter guards installed. Those can be placed on top of the gutters to prevent leaves, twigs, and bird nests from impeding running water. Seamless gutters can prevent leaks and are more durable than traditional gutters. Visit the website to know more about seamless gutters.

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