The Benefits of Vinyl Wallcovering

Covering a wall with a plastic material may seem strange at first glance, but there are a lot of benefits to using vinyl wallcovering in a home or office. It can seem a bit expensive when first installed, but it will outlast almost any other surface covering material and is easy to keep looking as good as new. Wolf Gordon offers a wide variety of designs in vinyl that can make any room look spectacular. Below are a few of the considerations you should give to this type of product.

When Durability Counts

Painted walls will have to be repainted on average every one to three years in order to look fresh. It depends on the amount of traffic moving through a room and whether furniture and feet scuff the surface. Gloss paints can be very costly, and semi-gloss gives you very little ability to clean the surface if it gets soiled from handprints and wear. Vinyl wallcovering from Wolf Gordon defeats these problems by standing up to wear and offering an easy surface to clean.

Sanitizing Ease

Homes with small children, offices, medical centers, schools and day care centers can all enjoy tremendous benefits from vinyl wallcovering. It is easy to simply wash the surfaces and keep them sanitary at all times. This proves very useful in cold and flu seasons. There is nothing more appealing than walking into a room and being able to smell and see that it is fresh and clean.

Buffer for Heavy Traffic

The walls in a home or office can take quite a beating over time. People walking in and out of an area, placing their hands on the walls, bumping into them with their feet or objects, leave their marks behind on traditionally painted surfaces. Vinyl wallcovering selections from Wolf Gordon provide a barrier that is softer and more pliable. You will not experience the amount of scratches and tearing with this type of covering.

Low-Maintenance Surfacing

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl is the low maintenance it requires. You can completely wash the surface every year or two, and it will look as good as when it was first installed. It is one of the best products to come along for those that do not want to fuss with wallpaper repairs and repainting. The investment pays off quickly, considering the added time you will have that would have been devoted to fussing over the wall surfaces.

If you want wall décor that has the ability to last, then you need to look at what vinyl wallcovering can offer you. There is a fine selection of contemporary styles available with Wolf Gordon. It is worth taking the time to see if this is the wallcovering solution you are looking for.

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