The Benefits Of A Mobile Fall Protection System

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Construction & Maintenance

A mobile fall protection system uses a wide variety of tools and equipment to provide temporary solutions for fall protection. As opposed to the use of a set anchor point of the roof, a mobile fall protection system makes hard-to-reach places easier for workers to access safely.

Increase in Productivity

Utilizing a mobile fall protection system is a great way to increase productivity. Equipment, like roof carts, has the ability to support more than one worker at a time safely. Instead of having to install a larger number of single-person anchors, your team can rely on a single piece of equipment.

Restraint and Fall Safety

The fall protection systems of today feature even more safety options. Jobsites use these systems to modify the work area in order to lessen as many fall hazards as possible. With a mobile fall protection system like a temporary guardrail system, your workers will be protected as they work close to the edge. When the job is finished, you will be able to simply remove the system.

Temporary Setup

Perhaps the greatest advantage of all is the ability to set up a mobile fall protection system temporarily and take it down when the job is done. You will have all of the protection against falls that you require without installing any permanent fixtures on roofs and elevated surfaces. When one project is complete, you will be able to remove the system quickly and move on to the next one.

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