The Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating

When it comes to securing floor surfaces such as garage or basement floor, Epoxy floor coating is one of the toughest, most durable, and outstanding finishes applicable to such surfaces today. Apart from protecting the garage, basement, or warehouse floor; it has the ability of transforming the ugly and defective nature of the cement floor into a sparkling and professional looking floor that elucidates awe and beauty. It is one of the most effective tools for concrete repairs—providing concrete restoration for all flooring surfaces.

What exactly is Epoxy Coating?

An epoxy floor coating represents a type of thick and safeguarding polymer material converted from its liquid form to solid polymer through a chemical reaction. All epoxy systems consist of two components—the resin (a class of chemical material) and a hardener. The resin component is mostly light, colorful, and almost odorless. On the other hand, hardeners are clear in nature and come in different forms of colors as well. When these two components are combined, the chemical reaction is irreversible, forming a rigid plastic material that has the ability to last like steel when applied to a concrete surface.
Epoxy resins (coating) are very popular among different industries and for different uses, because they are durable, resistant to rust and chemical or water corrosion, and are relatively easy to use. They also provide tough, quick-drying and protective coating.

The Need for Epoxy Coating

There are so many reasons for using epoxy as a floor coating. It has the reliability and durability to endure damages and still maintain its overall appearance. As a defensive and repairing concrete material, epoxy brings about a process of concrete restoration by providing shelter, sealing, and solidifying the concrete floor or ground. It protects floor surfaces from unwanted marks and graffiti. It also serves as a sanitary choice for covering surfaces—resisting water and dust. It also provides dimensional firmness, suitable drying and intense robustness.

Eco Friendliness

For companies practicing environmental norms and ethical values, epoxy coating is the best avenue to achieve that aim. It is a sure environmental friendly solution requiring minimal effort in clearing dirt and debris. For this reason, epoxy coating is not only the choice for floor coating, but also for ideal for drinks, foodstuff, and pharmaceutical plants.

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