Hiring Contractor For Exterior Painting In Clarksville TN

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Painting

Painting the exterior of a house takes a lot of planning and hard work. Initially, one has to clean the area as if they were painting inside. Lawn furniture, potted plants, mailboxes and other outside fixtures should be moved. Next, it is important to buy the right type of paint for your house. Go to the local hardware store and ask about the variety of exterior paints. If you are using a contractor, they will power wash the house. Finally, any rotten wood needs to be replaced. Likewise, holes and cracks should be filled in. Years ago, painters applied a primer coat but that is no longer necessary. New paint technology developed paint with the primer built in.

It is best to hire a contractor for Exterior Painting in Clarksville TN. Professionals know how to paint while they are on a ladder. And, they know what equipment to use. Some painters use a brush. Using a brush, paint is applied with long, smooth strokes. Unfortunately, it is easier to make mistakes with a brush. One can use too much paint and cause drips. A roller works better for some painters. It works especially well on porous surfaces like brick and stucco. Most painters like to use sprayers for exterior work. Sprayers have many advantages over brushes. It takes less time to paint and it is easier to get into cracks and crevices. Actually, the consumer wins when painters use sprayers. The bill is usually smaller because painters charge by the hour.

Other rules for Exterior Painting in Clarksville TN include mixing the paint. Smaller paint buckets should be mixed in a larger container. This way, the color tends to blend more easily. Experts call this technique, “boxing the paint.” Another tip is to start painting at the top and go down. Supposedly, this technique does not allow for paint streaking. And, believe it or not, the weather is important. Painting should be done when it is warm and there is little humidity. This allows the paint to dry well. It is expensive but a good paint job will last for several years. For more information visit Martin’s Quality Painting.

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