Steps to Choose the Right Countertop

If you are interested in purchasing resin countertops for your laboratory or testing facility, you will quickly find that there are various options available. What works best for you may depend upon not only your budget but what your laboratory is used for. However, whether you are purchasing countertops for a medical laboratory, food laboratory, or a biochemical laboratory, there is a resin countertop that will meet your needs.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin has been popular for many years and can be found in nearly any lab setting. It’s resistant to water, resistant to heat, and non-porous. This type of countertop is made from hardeners, fillers, silica, and epoxy resin. This is the common choice for countertops that are located near faucets and sinks. It is the best option for heavy duty lab environments in many cases.

These resin countertops protect from the highest of temperatures, moisture, corrosive chemicals, and carbon-based chemicals which makes them a solid choice. They also do not show scratches or scuffs like other materials might. This material is not prone to blistering or cracking, which makes it ideal for biomedical labs, industrial testing, and pharmaceutical labs. Based on their long life, these are also appreciated for the lower lifetime cost of ownership.

Phenolic Resin

This is the newest countertop option and it is made from craft paper that is saturated in resin. These layers are combined to make a solid piece of countertop that is known for lasting many years. These are great for heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and situations that might normally cause stress or impact cracking. This type of material is best used in moderate laboratory situations, such as bio-science, medical, and clinical settings.

Phenolic resin countertops are great for any lab application except where there is extreme heat. They are more expensive than some options, but they also will last much longer. One of the other perks of this type of surface is that it is quite lightweight. This makes it the optimal choice if you are having lab surfaces shipped straight to your business. Another perk is that these countertops are easy to clean and nonabsorbent.

At AGR Fabricators, Inc, we offer high-quality countertops sure to fit your needs. If you are interested in learning more about our products or wish to ask a question, you can visit our website.

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