Signs That the Time Has Come for Window Replacement in Greenwich CT

by | Feb 9, 2015 | Roofing

While windows can last for many years, the day will eventually come when they must be replaced. Knowing the signs that it is time for a change allows the homeowner to plan in advance and make wise decisions.

Here are a few indications that the day is fast approaching for a complete Window Replacement in Greenwich CT.

The Windows Stick – In times past, the sashes would move easily up and down the rails. That is no longer the case. In fact, they have become almost impossible to move. Chances are that the wood has begun to warp. Rather than putting up with the situation, it pays to talk with a contractor about a complete Window Replacement in Greenwich CT. After the job is complete, it will be easy to open the windows and take advantage of the fresh air.

The Power Bill is Higher – Even though the home has great insulation, the amount of the monthly power bill is steadily increasing. An inspection indicates small cracks around the window casings, along with some wear on the sashes. These allow air to flow easily from outside. Since attempting to fill those spaces is no more than a temporary way to deal with the situation, go ahead and look into replacing all those worn windows. Once the job is complete, the cost of heating and cooling the home will drop noticeably.

The Windows Make the House Look Old – While the exterior has a decent paint job and the yards are maintained, the windows drag down the overall look of the home. When this is the case, investing in new windows will provide just the lift needed to improve the overall curb appeal. After the installation is complete, the homeowner will notice a marked difference in the way the house looks. It is a safe bet that the neighbors will notice the difference as well. If some of these signs are beginning to materialize, there is no reason to wait. Browse the Site and get some ideas on what type of replacement windows would be the best fit for the home. Taking the time to do so will make it easier to find the solution that offers the right combination of features, function, and cost.

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