Signs Basement Repair Service in Maryland may be Needed

While it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to know a home requires foundation repairs, it will require an expert to carry out these repairs. There are a number of obvious signs that make it clear there is a problem present, or that the house has begun to sink. If any of these signs are noticed by a homeowner, a professional Basement repair service in Maryland should be contacted right away.

Cracks in Walls

One of the first signs of foundation issues is if the homeowner notices cracks on the walls inside the home. The corners of the windows will begin to crack horizontally, and the doors will begin to pull away, causing them to not fully close. If this is seen, it is time to call a Basement repair service in Maryland.

Cracks in Fireplace Bricks

When the bricks begin to crack, the foundation issue is likely more serious. This is because bricks are typically stronger than drywall, therefore it will take more to cause them to crack.

Protruding Nail Heads

If nails have been fixed because they were protruding from the walls, but they begin to protrude again, it means that the gypsum board has been compromised. It may also be bending, because of the sinking or leaning of the house in one direction.

Doors and Windows don’t Fit Squarely

This is usually one of the first signs noticed by homeowners. When the doors or windows do not fit squarely, it is a serious indication of an underlying issue. This uneven setting may make it impossible to open and close these fixtures.

Cracks in the Exposed Concrete

If the cracks are small, it may be a non-structural issue. This could be the first sign of a problem. Be sure to check with a professional contractor to be sure of the issue.

Keystone Foundation Repair Inc offers more information about foundation repair and when to call for it. Take the time to find a professional that knows what they are doing so that the repairs will be up to par. Doing this will pay off and ensure the foundation is fixed properly the first time.

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