Should You Get New Commercial Asphalt Paving or Get Your Old Pavement Repaired?

As a property owner or manager, it’s your job to ensure that all accessibility on your property is ADA-compliant. If you’re not sure how to do that, you should know about some useful ways that a concrete contractor can help you get ADA-compliant for your parking spaces, stairways, and ramps.

What Is ADA Compliance?

The Americans With Disabilities Act is a law that requires that all people, including those with disabilities, be allowed full accommodation on any property that they might reasonably desire to seek access to, such as commercial and public places. Traditionally, the ADA regulators encourage companies and property managers to self-enforce when it comes to following ADA procedures so, as a property manager, you might not know how to make your property ADA-compliant.

Hire a Contractor to Advise

While you might not know how to make your property ADA-compliant, you can always rely on a commercial concrete company such as Blackjack Paving to assist you and give you advice on how to make your property ADA-compliant.

You can ask a representative from a Commercial Asphalt Paving Company In Newnan, GA to take a look at your property to see whether it needs some ADA-compliant features. If the contractor finds your property in need of ADA accessibility features such as disabled parking spaces and accessibility ramps, they’ll quote you for their paving services.

It’s a really good idea to install any ADA accommodation features such as disabled parking spaces and accessibility ramps because the Department of Justice is currently developing regulations that organizations can eventually get penalized for failing to follow. Simply ask your concrete contractor for help installing these features so that your property can provide the proper accommodation for everyone.

Failing to comply with the ADA could get you into some trouble. So, be sure to reach out to your local concrete contractor to get advice on how to become ADA-compliant as soon as possible. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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