Screen Porches in Brookfield WI Create Enjoyable Outdoor Living Space

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Many homeowners love having a deck or patio where they can spend time outside and enjoy the benefits of a level, paved surface for barbecue grills and furniture. Another way of extending the living space to the outdoors is to choose screen porches in Brookfield WI. This feature provides a place where people can avoid being pestered by insects. It also allows the home’s residents and their guests to spend time outside even when it’s raining, since the roof shelters them. That additional sheltering feature also blocks the hot sun, making the porch an appealing place to relax on a day that’s a bit too warm for comfort except in the shade.

Screen Porches in Brookfield WI provide a more comfy place for people to enjoy eating dinner after barbecuing outside. Typically, a home’s residents enjoy cooking food on the grill, but wind up eating in the home’s dining room or kitchen because they don’t want to swat mosquitoes. That’s not a problem with this type of outdoor living space when constructed by a company such as Outdoor Living Unlimited. When it starts getting dark, everyone can sit out on the porch and listen to the nighttime sounds of crickets and frogs. Stringing white or multicolored lights under the roof adds decoration, and a larger light in each corner provides enough soft illumination for people to see one another clearly. Check out for more details on screened living areas.

It’s even possible to heat a screened-in porch on chilly days to a certain degree. Patio heaters work perfectly on the porch, allowing everyone to hang out there even into late autumn when southern Wisconsin temperatures are pretty nippy. Some individuals who are really dedicated to spending time on the porch most of the year figure out ways to keep that heat in, such as covering the screens with plastic or drapery material. Clear vinyl is available that looks very much like window glass and won’t blur the view, but it costs more than the regular plastic sheeting available at many stores. The home’s residents might snuggle in a blanket while enjoying a cup of coffee or hot tea.

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