Sandifer’s Stone and Tile Care Helps with Etched Countertops in NC

A kitchen is often a place for a family to gather around to talk about their day while cooking a meal or getting a snack, and that is why it’s common to want your kitchen countertops to be beautiful and be scratch and etch free. If your kitchen countertops suffer from being etched countertops in NC, then you will be in need of services to make them lovely again.

Sandifer’s Stone and Tile Care experts know all there is about etched countertops in North Carolina and whether they are made of marble or some other type of stone surface. They know all about how to repair and maintain etched countertops in NC to make you proud of the look of your kitchen for years to come.

How do Scratches, Stains Occur?

You may wonder what causes etched countertops in NC to happen. This can occur if acidic substances like juice, coffee, alcohol and tomatoes are spilled onto marble and other stone surfaces. If can also happen if someone uses products like bleach, vinegar or ammonia to clean them instead of using recommended marble or stone cleaning materials and cleansers. Acidic foods left on the surface will also cause damage.

Turn to Sandifer’s Stone and Tile Care for Maintenance for Countertops

Etched countertops in NC have literally had the surface eaten away, and that could damage them permanently if nothing is done to rectify the problem. It also provides places for bacteria to build up and make the surface unsanitary. The skilled professionals at Sandifer’s Stone and Tile know how to repair and maintain your countertops and flooring. Just give them a call to discuss your problems and needs and they will get you help right away.

Don’t despair, because it is possible to repair the countertops or flooring that has been scratched or etched and make it look like new once again. We can restore the shine, coloring and durability of your countertops with our expert services and can do it for an affordable price within your budget!

Suggestions to Help Avoid Etching, Stains and Scratches on Countertops

There are several suggestions given to help avoid damaging stone countertops and flooring. Some of these involve not using abrasive cleaning scrubs or brushes, as this can dull the gloss or shine of granite or other stone. Plus, don’t use appliances that have those little rubber foot covers on granite countertops either, as this can stain. It’s also a good idea to not place heavy objects onto the countertops, as this will also tend to scratch it up.

Don’t despair, at Sandifer’s Stone & Tile Care, we can make your stone look fantastic and new again and make it scratch and etch free. So, if you suffer from etched countertops in NC, call us today for an estimate on how to make them beautiful again!

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