Room Addition Services in Tinley Park IL for Expanding a Modular or Manufactured Home

For a long time, manufactured and modular homes have provided a fast and more affordable way for people to have a home on a lot they have purchased. Some municipalities began prohibiting these structures at some point, but existing ones are grandfathered in. They also can be set up on residential properties outside of the city limits. Room Addition Services in Tinley Park IL allow people to expand this type of housing when they need more room and do not want to move.

Common Reasons for Room Additions

Often, an addition to this type of structure creates a family room or a bigger living room. The new room might include much-needed closet space and a corner for a home office. The original living room then might be used as a dining area. Another possibility is for Room Addition Services in Tinley Park IL to build another bedroom and bathroom onto the structure.

The Need for Expansion

Some manufactured and modular homes come with only two bedrooms and one bathroom, and the owners may eventually decide they need more than this. Perhaps a family member will be moving in with them or they may now be expecting a baby that wasn’t planned. For everyone’s comfort, more space is advisable.

Design Coordination Makes for a Good Fit

As with a frame-built home, the addition should fit well with the appearance of the modular or manufactured structure. This can be a little difficult with an older manufactured home, as they tended to look more like trailers compared to today’s versions. Nevertheless, with coordination of colors and the size of the siding panels, the addition can make a mobile home look more like an actual house both inside and out. The addition requires the minimum of a slab or foundation.


The household residents usually can continue living in the home while the addition is being built by a contractor such as R. Brouwer Construction. However, they must be aware that the work tends to be dusty and noisy. The workers do their best to shield the attached part of the house, but some dust infiltration is inevitable.

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