Roofing Jobs That Should Only Be Performed by Roofing Companies

Have you experienced damage to the roof of your Jacksonville, FL, home? It can be tempting go to the DIY route, particularly if the damage is relatively minor, or if you have a little experience with roofing. However, in most instances, roofing repair and replacement should be left to experienced roofing contractors. Which jobs should you avoid?

Roofing Replacement

The chances are good that you have a package of shingles sitting in your basement or storage building left over from the build. They’re left to ensure that if you have a storm and a shingle or two is blown off, you can replace them pretty easily. Replacing a single lost shingle is not that big a job if you have the right tools, you’re knowledgeable about roofs, and you are able to do so safely. However, if you need to replace multiple shingles, it’s best to leave it to experienced roofing contractors even if you think you could feasibly do it.

Damage to the Substrate

Roof damage does not always involve shingles or other roofing materials being blown off. Sometimes it involves damage to the roof itself, including the substrate under the shingles/roofing. For instance, a tree branch overhanging the home could snap, and punch a hole through the roof itself. This is a perfect example of a roofing job that should be left to experienced roofing contractors.

A section of shingles will need to be removed in order to access the sheet of a substrate so it can be removed and replaced. The shingles will then need to be replaced. The process is even more complicated if you have a roofing type other than asphalt shingles, such as sheet metal, or tile).

New Roof Installation

In some cases, age or damage makes repairing the roof infeasible. It may just be more cost-effective to replace the entire thing. This is yet another example of a roofing job best left to experienced roofing contractors. A roof must be installed with precision and accuracy. Even the smallest error could result in leaks that cost you a great deal down the road.

Ultimately, the best decision is to trust experienced roofing contractors with any sort of roof job. That means it’s important to have a trusted contractor in mind when a need for repair or replacement strikes, of course. Make sure the company you choose is licensed and insured, and that they have a good reputation in Jacksonville, FL.

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