Restore Hardwood with Floor Sanding Service in Mansfield, CT

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Flooring

Those original hardwood floors in your home have served your family (possibly several families) for many years. During that time, it’s probably been necessary to refinish this beautiful wood at least once, if not more, to restore the natural beauty of the wood and extend the life of your floor. If you haven’t taken this important step, now might be the time to have experienced specialists use a new technique to deliver outstanding results.

It’s Dustless!

This floor sanding service is certified dustless and works in a way similar to a central vacuum system. Workers will remove dust, wood particles, and allergens. You won’t need to cover your furniture or clean up after the job is complete.

See our website to learn more about the list of services offered such as sanding and removing old finish and stains, repairing broken or splintered boards, and bringing water-damaged wood back to life. The finish options can keep your floor splinter-free and scratch-free well into the future. You can also depend on these professionals to color-match repaired areas to your existing floor, provide excellent repair of buckled and broken boards, as well as the stain or re-stain your existing floor to your satisfaction.

New Floors Too

If you’ve arranged floor sanding service in Mansfield, CT, you also have access to new floor installation, always finished beautifully and with efficiency. Services also include installation of trim and molding, leveling and installation of sub-floors, and buffing and coating. Start the process with a consultation followed by careful preparation, installation, and thorough cleanup. Leave the work to us and leave the stress behind.

If you live in an older home with one of those amazing hardwood floors, call on the experts for floor sanding service and for repair of scratched, worn, and damaged the wood. Make the call today.

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