Protect Your Property with Asphalt Repairs in Mount Vernon, WA

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

You work too hard throughout the year to keep your property looking its best not to take the time to inspect your asphalt for signs of trouble at least once every month or so. The signs are often subtle and will take months to develop to the point of being easily noticed at all; however, acting quickly with regards to asphalt repairs will dramatically reduce the price and keep your paving beautiful. Your driveway is where your children spend time playing, where you park your vehicles, and even where some family memories are made as children grow and spend time playing outdoors, making repairs a necessary aspect of everyday life.

“Alligator” Cracks

Alligator cracks are fairly easy to detect if you look at the outer surface of your asphalt; they present themselves as shallow surface defects that appear similar in texture to an alligator’s scaled skin, thus earning their name. Another simile would be a spider’s web but however you choose to describe the appearance of these cracks, you need asphalt repairs quickly so that they do not escalate to much deeper and harder-to-correct cracks. You need only visit to learn more about your options and book a repair service around your unique schedule.

Buckling or Warping

Asphalt repairs in Mount Vernon, WA may become necessary once you notice buckling or warping in your asphalt surfaces, especially where it is used the most or where the ground was not properly leveled before the asphalt was poured. Although asphalt will not require the intense leveling seen when concrete is installed on a property, the ground must be fairly flat wherever the asphalt is poured to avoid buckling or warping not long after initial installation. If you notice this in any capacity, repairs are needed to avoid the eventual crumbling of the smooth asphalt surface.

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