Options For An Epoxy Floor in A Nashville Business

Businesses in the Nashville area seeking a long-lasting, dependable and beautiful option for flooring in a commercial property should consider the advantages of an epoxy coating. For use in extreme conditions where abrasion, exposure to chemicals and concerns with heat and moisture are a factor, the epoxy coating is reliable and designed to last for a lifetime.

When considering an epoxy floor, many people assume a standard type of appearance after installation. In fact, in warehouses, aircraft hangars, kennels, workrooms, showrooms, retail spaces and even on exterior applications such as hotel, condo or resort balconies, an epoxy coated floor can provide the look as well as the endurance needed for heavy foot traffic.

Highly Durable and Low Maintenance

In busy traffic areas, the use of epoxy coatings is durable and can stand up to the most demanding conditions. Additionally, this flooring option is very easy to maintain. With a seamless application and a textured surface for slip-resistance, these floorings are ideal for any building. Professionally installed epoxy flooring can be customized in formulation and appearance to match the requirements of the commercial property.

The typical maintenance required for these floors is dry mopping to remove surface dust and debris. If there are any spills or messes, they quickly wipe up with a cloth and warm water. Washing with warm water or warm water and a recommended cleaner can be completed as needed to keep the flooring looking like new.

Finishing Option

The professionally applied epoxy floor can look like many different types of flooring options. The best companies can create the look of granite, quartz and terrazzo floors at just a fraction of the price.

These floors should also come with a lifetime warranty. They won’t need to be sealed, polished or stained to retain their original beauty and durability, making them a good investment for any Nashville business.

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