Increasing the Value of your Home Through Bathroom Cabinetry

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

As with any room in your home, the bathroom can benefit from proper storage spaces for the variety of random tidbits you may have here and there. This could include a secure place for medications, face cleansers, lotions, razors and many other items you don’t want just lying around. It’s also a great place to store larger items such as hairdryers and cleaning chemicals which should stay secured and away from children. Bathroom cabinetry may be wall-mounted units which are closed by solid doors, or could have a mirrored front. They could even be open air shelves, which are suitable for towels, tissue boxes and other items you want to keep close at hand.

Cabinets for All Sizes of Bathrooms

While some homeowners may think that small bathrooms lack any potential for cabinet space, they may be wrong. Cabinets can be incorporated into vanities and the unused space above your toilet. Of course, the master bathrooms will have much more freedom when it comes to design options and ideas, with some homeowners opting to line vast amounts of their wall space with closed-front storage areas. Others prefer to go with a more open floor plan and will limit the cabinets to certain corners or under sink areas. In fact, the sink and vanity areas are extremely popular choices for lower and overhead cabinets as they are used often and normally require a number of loose accessories such as hairbrushes, hand soaps, and more.

Finalizing your Choices

When you’re ready to replace or reface your bathroom cabinetry in Pittsburgh, be sure to visit Patete Kitchens for a wealth of additional design ideas and information. You may be set on your current idea, or you could come across something you might want to add in from the inspiration you find in their gallery photos. Take your time and feel free to adjust your design ideas several times before you are set on it and give approval for the project to start. Remodeling a bathroom can be a major ordeal, especially if it’s a large room, and having it done correctly will not only give you a haven within your house when you want to relax away the day in a warm bubble bath, but can also raise the value of your home quite a bit should you decide to place it on the market.

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