How trees and roots affect your foundation

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

You may not think that landscaping affects your foundation, but in fact, many homeowners make the mistake of planting trees and shrubs too close to their homes; thus, causing foundation problems both big and small. Home damage restoration Pensacola companies can help you fix your foundation issues when they occur; but in reality, preventing them from happening is the best course of action. Here are some tips on how to make sure your landscaping doesn’t interfere with your home’s foundation:

     *     Don’t plant near your foundation: If you have a new home, then take care not to plant too close to your house. How close is too close? It depends on the type of tree and shrubs you’re choosing, but a general rule of thumb is to plant large trees at least 50 feet away from your foundation.

Trees and shrubs that already exist

If you’ve bought a home that already has several trees and/or shrubs planted, follow these tips:

     *     Give roots moisture all year round: Sealing the top layer will help guard against evaporation, and will keep roots moist so they don’t completely dry out. Allowing them to dry out can cause soil expansion when the rain finally comes, which may cause foundation issues in the long term.

     *     Root barricades: These aren’t a foolproof option, but they do help slow down the root growth process.

     *     Tree removal: In extreme cases, tree and shrub removal may be a necessary action.

     *     Select your trees carefully: Larger trees such as oak, willow, elm and poplar are ‘high demand’ trees, meaning they will require more maintenance, more water, and their roots will be stronger than other trees. If you want them on your property, plant them well away from your house to protect your foundation.

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