How to Keep a Stone Patio in Fairfield County, CT Looking New

Stone patios elevate a person’s exterior appeal and create beautiful, useable spaces for entertaining and relaxing. The best stone patios in Fairfield County, CT add value and functionality to one’s home, but only if they’re well-maintained. Learn more below about how to care for stone patios to ensure their beauty lasts for decades.

Add Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand should be added between the stones in order to prevent weeds from growing between the stones and keep bugs from making a home between the cracks. This product is easy to apply, and can be found at most home improvement stores. Before applying the sand, homeowners should take the time to make sure any existing weeds are pulled.

Power Wash the Patio Regularly

Homeowners should invest in power washing at least once a year to keep their patios mold-free and clean. Regular power washing prevents build-up, cracks, and other damage caused by dirt and debris. For people who tend to forget about power washing, products like Wet & Forget that work with the natural cycles of rain and wind do a good job of keeping the patio free of grime.

Replace Damaged Tiles

When a patio has damaged stones, the look and feel is impacted significantly. Take the time to replace damaged stones in order to ensure lasting beauty and guarantee the structural integrity of the patio.

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