Five Signs You Need to Replace Your Home Baths in Pittsburgh

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Having a bathtub in your home can make bathing easier and more relaxing. Everyone can use a bath, and it’s especially useful for households and families with children or pets. There are all types of tubs out there, but over time, bathtubs take on a lot of wear and tear. When this occurs, you’ll need to start considering whether to have your bathtub updated and replaced.

You want to always have a clean, functional, and stylish bathtub. Once your bathtub wears out or starts to experience issues, you’ll want to have it replaced. To learn more, here are five signs that you need to replace your home baths in Pittsburgh.

It’s Stained

Most baths are white. While there are other color options, white, ivory, and other shades are most popular. However, stains can develop over time that is not only unsightly but can also harbor bacteria and mold. If cleaning doesn’t work, replacing your bathtub is the best way to get rid of stains.

It Leaks

A leaking bathtub is never a good sign. Whether the seal is no longer working or you have a crack or cracks in your baths, you’ll need to consider replacement.

It Has Mold

If your bathtub is full of mildew and mold that can’t be beat and reoccurs after a series of cleanings, it may be time for replacement. Bathtubs lose their sealing and begin to trap moisture that can quickly turn to mold. Replace for the best results.

It No Longer Works for Your Needs

If you need a larger bath, a tub that’s safer and easier to access, or anything else that your current bathtub won’t accommodate, you should consider replacement. You’ll appreciate a new tub that works best for your needs. Contact us to learn more.

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