Finish Your Basement with Basement Leak Repair in Washington DC

Many homeowners enjoy finishing a basement to provide an extra room or safe storage space for their home. Unfortunately, a damp or leaky basement makes that option an impossibility. Water that seeps through the walls or foundation can cause damage to porous materials and may even cause mold. This can quickly ruin any plans for finishing a basement. Fortunately, there are companies that can provide basement leak repair in Washington DC.

Signs of a Leaky Basement

It may not always be apparent that a basement is having a leaking problem. Many people just assume that a basement is supposed to be damp and musty. However, this is not true. If there is water or high moisture in the basement, there is definitely a leaking problem. Other signs can include cracks in the basement walls or flooring. If the basement walls are painted or covered, there may be noticeable signs of peeling and damage. This is all a potential sign of a problem that should be addressed and can be corrected.

Getting Help

There are companies that can find a solution to almost any basement leaking problem. The team will identify the source of the water and determine a solution for proper basement leak repair in Washington DC. Often, these repairs will include redirecting water that is accumulating around the walls of the basement or in the foundation. In some cases, foundation repairs may be necessary to prevent water seepage up through the floor.


Once water is redirected away from the basement walls and foundation, often with drainage and sump pump installations, steps can be taken to waterproof the basement. Fillers can be used to close off any cracks or damages that allow water to enter the home. Crawl spaces can be completely sealed off to ensure no water enters. There are even products available to seal the basement walls to deter water seepage.

Once the basement is completely waterproofed, homeowners can begin finishing their basement to provide the extra room or storage area they need to make their home more comfortable. Contact Worldwide Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, Inc. for more information about leak repair services or to schedule a free estimate and consultation.

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