Eliminate Basement or Foundation Failures With Residential Waterproofing in Fairfax VA

Foundation problems come from a variety of faults including substandard construction techniques, low-grade materials, improper drainage and poor soil conditions. The end result of these issues is water pooling under a foundation or leaking into the basement. The former concern can cause the building to shift, sometimes substantially. However, water seeping into the basement can result in some very costly repairs, especially if the basement has been finished as additional living space. residential waterproofing in Fairfax VA can help by locating the cause of the excess water and ensuring that it will be removed.

The first step is discovering the reason for water accumulation. For example, if the problem is poor drainage during heavy rains, then the cause could be faulty gutters or poor drainage. Even the best gutter system can cause foundation shifting is the rain is not drained away from the building. One reason for this is that excess water can pool in the soil that the home is built on and may not percolate away quickly enough to prevent shifting. If the moisture problem is inside a basement, then a contractor experienced in Residential Waterproofing in Fairfax VA may be able to eliminate it with a repair that is commonly known as a French drain. This is a series of trenches placed around the inside edges of the exterior walls and angled enough so that any accumulated water drains into a sump. The water can then be pumped outdoors where it can be channeled away from the building.

One method of waterproofing requires the application of specific coatings over the concrete. This method works well if the concrete is not damaged. Weeping walls can occur if the soil outside the concrete holds water or develops hairline cracks in its exterior surface. Unfortunately, this type of repair will not work on damaged walls. There are various things that can cause cracks in basement walls such as loose soil and liquefaction, but one that is often unexpected is tree roots. Trees are great providers of shade, however, placing them too closely to the building could cause serious problems. Trees disturb the soil compaction and can cause damage to cinder block or concrete walls. These issues will require proper repair so that leaks are stopped. Contact Business Name for more details about the cause and elimination of water related foundation and basement problems.

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