Create a Unique Look in Your Home Using a Tin Ceiling Long Island NY

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Construction & Maintenance

One of the most underrated home improvements is tin ceilings. This is mostly because tin ceilings are usually considered antique or historical, but adding a Tin Ceiling Long Island NY can give your kitchen or dining area a unique style. It is true that the tin ceiling has a history with old homes. In fact, the traditional tin ceiling started out as a way for the homeowner to create a classic look that emulated high end decorative plaster. The original metal ceiling was actually stamped steel, but this material quickly began to rust and was difficult to keep clean. To remedy the situation manufacturers coated the metal with tin. This solution caught on and tin ceilings became all the rage. Surprisingly, it is still popular and you can even buy some of the original designs sold over a hundred years ago. Browse website for more information.

Of course, not everyone wants that classic look so manufacturers have created a large variety of patterns, colors and textures to suit your needs. Plus, you might be surprised at where you can install the tin panels. For instance, you can create unique back splashes around your kitchen counters using tin panels. Or, you can mix and match tin around the kitchen and dining area to suit your current decor. The possibilities are endless.

Metal home decoration comes in a variety of types and styles and tin ceilings are just the beginning. You can use metal products creatively such as styling a headboard on the wall from tin panels or using the tin ceiling to create custom moldings around your walls. For those people who prefer other finishes you can get brass plated, copper plated or even solid copper finishes.

Tin ceilings are the perfect choice when you are refinishing and old home. They can provide a historical touch that is otherwise impossible to duplicate. However, tin ceilings can also improve the look of a newer home by giving your rooms a simple yet elegant style. They can be used to cover the whole ceiling or as a means of adding a unique trim around the room. If you are looking for a Tin Ceiling Long Island NY be sure to consider Abingdon Construction Long Island NY.

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