Commonly Asked Questions About Flat Roof Replacement Service In Philadelphia

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Roofing

Many individuals choose flat roofing systems because these types of roofs resist damage due to strong winds, they last for many years, and they’re easy to maintain. Homeowners who need to contact a company who provides Flat Roof Replacement Service in Philadelphia will also discover that replacing this type of roof is very affordable. Read the commonly asked questions below to find out more about having a flat roof replaced by an experienced company.

Q.) What is the most common reason why flat roofs need to be replaced?

A.) When any type of roof begins to leak, this is generally a sign that the roof needs to be replaced. Leaks most often occur on flat roofs because of standing water that penetrates the seams, inclement weather and outdated roofing materials. Some flat roofs begin to leak because of improper installation. For this reason, it’s always important to hire a company that’s experienced in the installation of flat roofing systems.

Q.) What kind of maintenance is required by a homeowner who has a flat roofing system?

A.) Homeowners who have a flat roof must periodically inspect the seams of the roof to make sure they aren’t leaking. It’s also necessary to keep leaves, twigs and other debris cleaned out of the gutters, so water doesn’t back up and settle on the roof.

Q.) When can a flat roof be repaired instead of replaced?

A.) An experienced roofing inspector can look at the roof to see if repairs are needed or if the roof should be replaced. The inspector will look at the entire roof including the seams, at the corners and around the chimney. The roof will also be examined for deterioration, wear, leaks and cracks. After the inspection, the professional will make the best recommendation for the homeowner. If the inspector determines that the roof is in bad shape, the homeowner should contact an experienced company for Flat Roof Replacement Service in Philadelphia as soon as possible.

Union Roofing is an experienced commercial and residential roofing company that’s located in Philadelphia. This professional company specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of various types of roofing systems. Individuals can contact the company to learn more information about the different roofing systems available including shingle, tile, slate and flat roofs.

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