Asphalt Paving Repair in Houston Texas: Repairing Cracked Asphalt Surfaces

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Construction & Maintenance

Most people consider standard asphalt surface as being extremely durable and, in most cases, it is. However, there are situations where an asphalt surface can become compromised. To avoid replacing the asphalt surface, professional asphalt paving repair in Houston Texas may be required.

Not all Cracks are the Same

The thing to remember is that the most common type of damage appears as cracks in the asphalt. However, not all cracks are the same. For example, a specific type of damage, known as alligator cracking, is common. This is damage that is done to the asphalt surface because of an excessive load.

A heavy load can cause cracks because the substrate materials weren’t prepared properly. Another cause is when the asphalt is laid in too thinly. In any situation, unless the cracks are repaired, it could require large patches of the asphalt having to be removed and replaced.

An Inability to Expand

Another common cracking issue is block cracking. Asphalt should contract and expand with different temperature and humidity levels. For this to happen, a special binder is added to the asphalt mixture. However, if this binder doesn’t activate, or there isn’t enough of the binder in the asphalt, the asphalt will not be able to contract or expand, and this can lead to significant cracking.

Shifting Asphalt Surfaces

One type of asphalt cracking that’s very common is slippage cracking. This is common when the top layer of asphalt begins to slide over the underlying materials. This can be a product of poor drainage or because the underlying materials weren’t compacted or strong enough to accommodate a thick layer of asphalt. In these instances, crescent-shaped cracks can appear. Typically, this area of the pavement will need to be removed and replaced.

In any situation, whether it’s potholes, poor drainage, or excessive cracking, professional asphalt paving repair in Houston Texas can offer a number of solutions. If the asphalt surfaces at your business have been neglected, or perhaps they recently have been replaced but there is already excessive cracking, you may want to Contact us to have the situation inspected and have repairs made.

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