Are Custom Homes Really More Expensive?

If you are in the market to buy a new house, you have probably daydreamed about having your own custom home design brought to life. The truth is that it can be hard to find an existing home that meets every single one of your needs and desires in a home – and for most people, compromise is part of the process. One thing that stops many homeowners from having a custom home built in Jacksonville, FL, is the fear that a custom home will be more expensive. But this may not be the case.

Existing Homes Do Have Custom Details – Just Not Yours

When you buy an existing home, you are buying a custom home – just not a home you designed. Whether it was something that the former owner had built, or a design from a manufacturer, someone chose all the details that are included in that house. Think of buying a car that comes loaded with all those fancy “extras”. If you had had the chance to choose the custom extras for your new car, the price probably wouldn’t have been that much different – and you would have gotten details you actually wanted.  The same may be true with custom homes.

You Save on Future Costs with a Custom Home

While a custom home may be more expensive initially, there is a very good chance that you will save a lot of money on renovations in the future. The cost to modify an existing home to your desires can be more expensive than simply having your dream home built from scratch. Changing out existing plumbing features and things like that can cost a lot more because there is labor to remove the existing features, and then labor to install new features. Another way to save in the future with a custom design? You can choose to have more efficient materials used in the construction of your home, saving you money on energy bills in the future.

The Bottom Line with Custom Construction

Just because you are choosing custom details for your home in Jacksonville, FL, does not mean that it will be more expensive in the long run. Because you are not paying for details you didn’t want, and you save on renovations in the future, you may find that a truly custom design is more affordable overall.

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