A Nicely Fenced Yard Increases Property Value in Wilmette, Illinois

The Village of Wilmette is one of the best places to live around Chicago. Wilmette has excellent schools, low crime, and great employment opportunities. The real estate market is booming here too.

If your yard is unfenced, a fence company in Wilmette can help to increase your home’s value. While the crime rates here are low, a fence is a layer of protection. But, more importantly, a fenced yard helps to keep pets and children in.

Among the most popular fencing materials around Wilmette is vinyl fencing. Vinyl can imitate the charming look of a white picket fence or be erected as solid panels. Vinyl fencing is low maintenance, easy to clean, and very attractive. A vinyl white picket fence compliments the look of the many red brick and clapboard homes in Wilmette.

Wood fencing is also a popular and versatile option that blends well with Wilmette homes. It’s less expensive than vinyl but does require more maintenance, such as fixing broken slats and painting.

The old-fashioned appeal of arbor and lattice fencing also looks great with the classic homes common to Wilmette. Latticework and arbors can easily be incorporated into both vinyl and wooden fencing. This charming fence style creates a lovely gateway into a rose or a flower garden.

A consultation with a fence company in Wilmette can help you to decide which type of fence is right for your property.

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