5 Reasons to Schedule Residential Roof Inspections in Centennial CO

Most people take their homes’ roofs for granted until there’s a problem. However, just as the human body requires regular medical checkups, roofs need regular inspections to keep families safe and extend their lives.

Below, readers will find several reasons for residential roof inspections.

Finding Damage From Maintenance

In many residential and commercial settings, AC units are on the roof. These units need service quite often, as do other parts of these buildings. While such maintenance may be necessary, it brings increased foot traffic that may damage the roof. With regular inspections, the damage will be found before it causes major issues.

The Effects of Aging

Just as with people, age takes its toll on a roof. Weathering from the elements, damage from animals, and high winds can all cause serious damage to a rooftop. With regular inspections, however, it’s possible to find the damage and prevent it from shortening the roof’s lifespan.

Storm Damage

Recently, the country has seen incredibly powerful storms that have damaged and even destroyed roofs. If a homeowner suspects his or her home’s roof has suffered storm damage, they should schedule an inspection as soon as possible. Leaks are simple to spot and can easily be fixed before they cause more significant damage.


In the home setting, regular residential roof inspections in Centennial CO will point out unlocked skylights and roof hatches before a thief can use them to gain access to the home.

Warranty Coverage

Roofing manufacturers and contractors offer warranty coverage on their products and labor. Without regular roof inspections, it’s difficult to know when damage has occurred or when it’s time to file a warranty claim.

Schedule an Inspection Today

Establishing a routine inspection schedule should be a top priority for every homeowner. Roofing professionals will use a checklist to ensure all the above items are covered. Furthermore, the checklist will help homeowners prepare and plan their repair, maintenance, and roof replacement budgets. The roof is one of the home’s most expensive parts, and it pays to have it regularly inspected.

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