3 Common Reasons for Double Hung Window Replacement in St Paul

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Roofing

Many St. Paul homes include original double-hung windows rather than the more common single-pane styles. Americans have been choosing double hung windows since the 1800’s when builders started borrowing the style from European homes. However, even high-quality windows can break or develop problems over several decades, so contractors see a fairly steady demand for Double Hung Window Replacement in St Paul. Clients also replace their original windows in order to increase home values, reduce exterior maintenance and lower energy costs.

New Windows Add Curb Appeal

Homeowners often Contact Builders And Remodelers Inc and request quotes for replacement windows because the originals have become eyesores. Many clients are restoring older homes, but even well maintained windows could develop problems over time. Modern double-hung windows are available in a wide variety of elegant styles that offer the same timeless elegance as the originals but can be customized to suit individual needs. Double Hung Window Replacement in St Paul can dramatically improve the appearance of a home and add instant curb appeal.

Homeowners Want Low-Maintenance Windows

Clients also replace original windows in order to install versions that are easier to maintain. Although double-hung styles are, by their nature, easier to clean than single-pane versions, those made of wood can deteriorate. Many homeowners replace them with stylish vinyl versions that do not require painting and will stay beautiful for years, even in the harshest conditions. Suppliers also offer easy-care windows that use both wood and vinyl.

Replacement Windows Make Financial Sense

Financial studies show that replacing old windows ranks as one of the most financially savvy home improvement projects. It offers the fifth best return on investment among home upgrades. Replacing older double-hung windows with new energy-efficient products helps lowers utility costs. Heating or cooling costs are impacted as soon as windows are installed. Replacement windows substantially increase a home’s value. Since replacements also include new hardware, they also make homes more secure.

Replacing original double-hung home windows can add curb appeal and increase property values. New windows can also help to minimize exterior maintenance. In addition, replacement windows typically lower energy usage and increase home security.

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