Three Tips to Help a Custom Wrought Iron Railing in Warminster, PA Last Longer

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Homeowners who choose to invest in a stylish custom wrought iron railing for their home usually want it to last as long as possible. Although iron railings are the most durable option, they will still eventually decay and collapse. It is important for homeowners to know what steps they can take to help their beautiful railings last a little longer than usual.

Regular Maintenance

The most important part of helping your railing last longer is the regular maintenance of the wrought iron. This means cleaning it with soap and water, and homeowners should consider waxing it once it is dry from the cleaning. Homeowners should also regularly contact the installation company for any necessary repairs immediately in order to prevent further damage.

Trim Hedges

It is vital to keep hedges or other plant life well trimmed and away from your custom wrought iron railing in Warminster, PA. The weight of a hedge or some plants can put unnecessary weight on the railing that, over time, may compromise the structure. The moisture that gathers each morning and rubs onto the fence could also cause early rusting, which leads to decay.

Clean off Chipped Paint

If the wrought iron railing is painted, homeowners may notice paint chipping in some areas of the railing as it ages. No matter how well you clean the railing, paint will still eventually chip, and it is important to use a wire brush to remove the chipped paint right away. After this is done, thoroughly clean the railing and apply a new layer of paint. Consider talking to your installation company if you are not able to remove the old paint and apply new paint yourself. If you are experiencing excessive problems with your custom wrought iron railing, visit the website Website Domain for more information and to speak with someone about your railing problems.

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