The Importance of Industrial Paving Services

by | Mar 3, 2017 | General Contractors

To the untrained eye, one paved surface may seem similar to any other paved surface. People may equate a paved highway in the same manner that they view a paved driveway. However, there is a significant difference in the paving structure of a driveway as opposed to a loading dock or the highway. In situations where a great deal of traffic moves through on a daily basis, or vehicles that are extremely heavy move continuously, Industrial Paving Services are typically needed.

The simple fact is that a parking lot or a driveway to a home have a different foundation structure then a highway or an area where large trucks are loaded and unloaded such as loading dock. One of the main reasons for asphalt or concrete failure is when the loads are heavier than what the surface was designed for.

With industrial paving, the foundation on which asphalt or concrete materials sit upon will need to be stronger and deeper. This is the best way to accommodate significant loads. A parking lot or a driveway may only be for personal vehicles, and therefore, the foundation, as well as the thickness of the paved materials, is going to be quite shallow and thin. In the event that heavier vehicles traverse these paved surfaces, it will likely lead to damage of the paved surfaces.

For that reason, whether it’s a private business where large trucks need to load or unload cargo or its areas where large garbage trucks will empty out dumpsters, more significant paving surfaces are going to be needed. In addition, government municipalities that are building roads, whether it’s the main thoroughfare or a highway, will need to have an industrial paving service handle not only the creation of a strong foundation but a thicker concrete or asphalt surface to handle heavier loads.

If you’re in charge of redesigning roadways, or your business is constructing a warehouse with an adjoining loading dock facility, it’s important to make sure that Industrial Paving Services are employed. With a company like what can be found at website, your roadway project or business facility can have the right types of paved surfaces that can handle a load of heavy vehicles without damaging your paved surfaces. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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