The Dangers of Living With a Wet Basement in Westford, MA

While it is easy to close the basement door and forget the space is even part of the home, that is the last thing the homeowner wants to do. Like other areas of the house, the basement needs to be maintained properly. Part of that maintenance is making sure space is kept dry. Here are some of the issues that can arise due to a wet basement in Westford MA.

The Potential for Structural Damage

It may not seem that a little water could undermine the stability of the house, but the fact is that water seeping into the basement is often a sign of a larger problem. Perhaps the gutters are not directing the water away from the foundation. Given enough time, the walls and flooring of the basement will weaken. Depending on how the home is structured, that could mean problems for the floors above space. The best thing to do is have a professional check the wet basement in Westford MA, find out what is happening, and determine how to remedy the problem.

Spreading Mold Throughout the House

A wet basement provides the ideal environment for mold. What some people do not understand is that the mold will not remain confined to the basement. Through several means, it will spread to other parts of the house. Eventually, it will begin to negatively impact the air quality in the home. As members of the family begin to notice they are coughing more often or have trouble breathing; the need to do something about the basement will become apparent.

Damage to Stored Items

The dampness will not do anything to protect the items stored in the basement. In fact, everything from wood furniture to clothing will be ruined. If the homeowner really wants to keep those belongings in good condition, the only recourse is to have a professional take a look at that wet basement in Westford MA.

For any homeowner who is having trouble with a basement, call the team at Drycrete Waterproofing today. After inspecting the space and determining what is causing the problem, it will be possible to take all the steps needed to keep the space dry and safe.

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