Selecting the Right Contractor for your Needs

by | May 2, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

You’re planning a new building constructed from the ground up. That’s great! But now the task of finding the right contractor comes into the picture. You’ll probably be faced with many options, each one claiming to be better than the next. It’s up to you to do your research and determine which one meets all safety and sustainability regulations while being able to develop your property to your exact specifications.

Asking About Credentials

As with anyone that provides you with a service, you want to know about their credentials. This tells you if they are qualified enough to get your business. With a general contractor in Colorado Springs, or any area, it’s just as important. Afterall, this company may be building student housing, a children’s educational facility or another building that will be inhabited by people most of the time. Of course you want them to do a great job in all areas considered. But what should you focus on and ask them about?

  • Experience. The more years of construction experience they have, the better!

  • Safety. Do they use safety restraints when building at heights? If not, they should!

  • Portfolio. Images and information on past projects is great for you to view.

  • Compliance. Are they up on local building laws and codes? If not, go elsewhere!

  • Sustainability. Do they practice green building practices? This could be important for you.

  • Professionalism. They should be friendly and helpful, not pushy about selling their services.

  • Education. Their employees and vendors should all be well versed in their jobs at all times.

Always keep in mind that you never have to go with the first company interview. Consider other options in the area, ask them all the same questions and see just who is more qualified for your particular construction requirements. You are the one that will be stuck with the building so it may as well be a good one!

Getting the Best for your Money

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and even general contracting companies understand this. They work with clients who have budgets, just as you do. It’s important to find a general contractor in Colorado Springs that has a proven record of staying on or under budget while maintaining high standards. With iiCON Construction Group, for example, their pre-planning and inspection processes ensure on-time and on budget delivery of client projects. This includes buildings in various sectors including commercial, student housing, Federal and government projects, and much more!

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