Repairs Versus Replacement of Industrial Roofing in Ft. Smith AK

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Roofing

Like almost every man-made material in the world, roofing has a limited lifespan. Regardless of how many times a company sends someone up to patch a leak in the roof, the material will eventually need to be completely replaced. To ensure the job is done correctly, companies need to hire experts of Industrial Roofing in Ft. Smith AK to remove the old material and replace it with a tightly sealed new covering.

Long-Lasting, Warrantied Work

When an industrial facility requires a new roof they should always turn to the professionals rather than attempt to have their technicians tackle the job. Roofing contractors have the tools, skills, and experience to administer the proper service to any metal, rubber, or tar-and-gravel roofing system. In the end, customers will have a tightly sealed roof that also comes with a full guarantee.

Make a Roof Water Tight

Companies like Tier 1 Contracting understand that people don’t want to pay for a new roof installation if it’s not completely necessary. This is why they offer a spray coating service that eliminates the possibility of leaks by creating a waterproof seal across the existing roofing material. Working with coating options like asphalt, polyurethane foam, or PVC, the team can quickly identify which coating will create the best seal for the style and condition of the roof in question.

Emergency Service is Readily Available

Industrial facilities generally run on a 24-hour basis so if a major leak or structural damage is detected, immediate action is needed. Fortunately, companies like Tier 1 Contracting provide emergency repair services. Regardless of the time of day, a staff member is always available to take an emergency call and coordinate a time that the repair team can arrive to quickly resolve the problem without affecting the company’s production.

Benefit From a Free Service

The cost of repairs versus new installation to Industrial Roofing in Ft. Smith AK can vary greatly so building owners who take advantage of free estimates from a variety of roofing contractors will have a better idea of what they’re getting into. During this service, a representative will thoroughly inspect the roof to determine if a repair can solve any issues or if it is simply time for material replacement. Clients will then have the option to pick and choose the bid that best suits them based upon cost, contractor reputation, and positive interaction with the representative.

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