Learn How to Inspect Your Roofing

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Your Roofing system is the permanent structure that protects you from outdoor elements. This structure also helps insulate your home and can provide curb appeal for your residence. When it’s defective, household occupants and interior assets can be negatively influenced. To keep your roof system functioning at optimal levels, it’s advisable to inspect it twice a year. Use the following guidelines to perform this task.

To inspect your roof, you need to prepare properly. Decide how you want to do this job. You can assess the condition of your roof from the ground, from a ladder, or from the roof. When you decide to access the roof, ensure that you wear a pair of skid-resistant shoes. Also, use fall-protection gear such as an elongation rope and a harness. View the condition of your ladder before you use it. It should be in good condition with no parts missing. You will need a flash light with a high-intense beam to check out the underside of the roof in your attic. Only inspect your roof when there is ample sunlight and the weather is mild.

Start your inspection by viewing the shingles on your roof. Look for cracked, chipped, or missing shingles. Mark these spots with small flags so you can fix them at a later time. Observe the flashing. This is the point where two planes meet. Water tends to flow into valleys. The flashing covers any voids in the roofing. Ensure that it is intact and not rusted. Also, view the condition of the gutter system. All parts should be firmly attached to the side of the roof. Look at the down spouts. Remove any blockages that can prevent water from leaving your roof. When you view the roof of your attic, look for dark spots that can indicate the presence of a leak. In addition, look for large gapes in the roof. This can signal a place where water can enter your home.

Getting your roof inspected can be done when you properly prepare and inspect all parts of your roof in an orderly manner. For more information on Roofing services, please talk to an expert at The H. E. Parmer Company. This company can handle residential and commercial roof services. They also offer Free Estimates For Roof Installation to help potential customers get an idea of what an installation will cost.

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