How to Start a Granite Business

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Home Improvement

If you want to start a granite business, it is important you have an interest in granite as well as stone work. This is a market that is highly competitive, and you will see a number of benefits when you take the time to do your homework. The fact is that there are a number of challenges you will face along the way, but if you are prepared, they will not derail the entire process. The number one key to being successful is having a well-thought-out business plan.

Determine the Type of Business You Want
There are a number of different business options to consider when you start out in the granite business. For example, you can be a granite distributor if you establish contacts with manufacturers. Another popular option is offering architectural services. If there is a shortage of granite products in your area, you may consider becoming an importer.

While securing the financing you need can be a challenge, with a detailed business plan, you will find it is a process that is much less stressful. You can also contact the Small Business Administration to see if you qualify for any business loans.

Create a Marketing Plan
Once you have created a business plan and obtained the necessary funding, you need to develop a plan to begin reaching your customers. Are you going to have an online store, or are you planning to lease actual floor space? You can offer both options if you want. Besides the marketing aspect, you will also have to create some financial projections. Providing the viability of your business can result in great profits. All of these factors should be included in the business plan since this plan can also be used for the management of your business.

Put Your Plan into Action
Have you determined what area of focus you want to have? When you have everything decided, you can set up your online store or lease store space. You need to purchase all of the necessary materials, supplies, fixtures, and furniture to get started as well. It is essential you begin to attend networking events in your area since this will be a great opportunity to get your information out there. Be sure to carry business cards with you at all times and select the types of advertising you would like to use for your business.

Have you considered beginning your very own granite business? There are a number of considerations to make. Let Granite Transformations answer your questions and put you on the path to being a business owner.


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