How to Find a Reliable Company to Waterproof the Basement of Your Home

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

A common problem a homeowner experience is a leaky basement or one that floods when severe rainstorms occur. This can be a nuisance as it leaves the space unusable due to the damage water can cause a basement. Damage to the flooring, ruining personal property stored in the area, and water damage to appliances such as a washer or dryer. A leaky basement can even contribute to health problems for the occupants of the home when mold spores begin to grow in the damp environment. Most of these problems can be avoided in Massachusetts with basement waterproofing by a professional.

Aspects to Look for before Hiring a Professional

  • Experience is a key factor to consider when hiring a company in Massachusetts for basement waterproofing. You want to retain the services of highly-trained and knowledgeable technicians.
  • How long as the company operated? This can help determine the company’s experience and give you peace of mind knowing they will not disappear while working on your home.
  • You should search for a one-stop-shop that provides a variety of services that you would require in waterproofing your basement.
  • Do they offer a free estimation of the services and do not commit to the job until you are satisfied with their plan for your basement?
  • What type of warranty do they offer on their workmanship? It is important to know if a problem should occur after the job is completed, they will return to fix the issue at no extra charge.

Select a Trusted Name in the Waterproofing Industry

Basement Technologies has built a solid reputation for the past 34 years of providing each client with the affordable and reliable services they are looking for. Whether you require cleanup after a basement has flooded, repairs made to a damaged foundation or preventive methods to prevent problems from occurring with the lower level of your home. They offer a range of services to help protect the foundation of any style of home.

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