How Do I Know When to Replace My Pool Liner? These 3 Tips Will Help!

Having a backyard pool is great. You get to swim any time that you like. Although pools bring all the fun, you have to know when the pool needs some attention to maintain your enjoyment. For example, how do you tell when the pool liner needs to be changed? Here are three signs that it’s time to invest in a new pool liner replacement in Senoia GA

The Liner Is Starting to Wrinkle

Pool liners are supposed to be smooth. Over time, they may begin to lose their shape. When you notice wrinkles developing along the sides or the bottom, make sure the liner hasn’t worked loose. If not, it’s a good idea to replace it before those wrinkles lead to something more serious.

Fading and Staining Is Noticeable

Proper cleaning and upkeep will ensure the liner looks great for a long time. Even so, the day will come when some stains will not come out. You’ll also notice some parts of the liner are fading. At this point, trying to maintain the aging liner isn’t worth the time or the money. A better solution is to arrange a pool liner replacement in Senoia, GA, by a trusted professional.

You Notice Tiny Cracks and Tears

Overall, your liner may appear to be in decent condition, but if you look closely some cracks or small tears may be present. While you can try patching the liner, the repairs will only last for so long. Go ahead and patch for now, but be prepared for a pool liner replacement in Senoia, GA soon.

Remember that the liner does more than make the pool more visually inviting; it also protects the pool itself. Call a professional today if you think the liner should be replaced. One quick inspection will be all it takes to know if the liner needs a repair or .a replacement.  

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