Get a Lasting Roof Repair Using Copper Roofing in Fairfield County, CT

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Roofing

When it’s time to replace a leaking roof, you want to be sure to buy the best roofing materials possible. Surprisingly, this is not the old favorite that many contractors use – asphalt shingles. In fact, your best option for roofing materials is one made from metal. The most common choice in this area is actually a zinc galvanized steel, which will usually survive for about fifty years. For a more durable roofing material, you should probably consider copper. Copper Roofing in Fairfield County CT provides many benefits, and longevity is only the first. For example, copper provides a distinctive look to any home. It can help a historical restoration look period complete, and it makes the perfect highlight for any roofing project.

One of the most memorable aspects of copper is the beautiful green patina that develops over time. This coating is the result of oxidization, and is one of the reasons that many people prefer copper as a roofing material. For lasting beauty, no other material comes close. However, copper is also preferred because of its malleability. This metal is soft enough that it can be formed around any vents or edges, which helps to protect the underlying materials. Copper is often installed using battens, which are slats of wood secured across the roof to hold the copper sheets in place. In cases where the copper can be installed directly, the metal is secured by the use of cleats. Whenever battens are used, the metal may be shaped so the underlying materials are completely hidden by the copper.

A failing roof is an expensive problem, and one that most people don’t want to have to handle more than once. To ensure the roof doesn’t fail again, it pays to select the best roofing material your budget can afford. Copper roofing provides your home with a long-lasting roof covering that looks great and ages beautifully. Plus, copper is the perfect material for those times when the homeowner wishes to embellish the look of their home. If you are considering Copper Roofing in Fairfield County CT, you should Click here for more information.

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