Do Your Windows Need Replacing?

When it comes to your house, nothing gives off a beautiful aesthetic appeal like your windows. Windows can help improve the appearance of a room by letting in light and brightening up your space. Unfortunately, however, windows are one part of your house that can require much more maintenance, since they are inherently less stable than the wall itself. Over time, windows can crack, loosen, and break, which could mean that you need to replace them. If you’re curious about replacement windows, here are three things to watch out for. If you’re in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, you can easily find a window replacement service to get the job done.

Check the Seals
If a window pane breaks, you should be able to get it replaced without having to take out the entire window frame. However, if the frame itself is damaged or loose, then you’ll most likely need to get a whole new window. What you want to do is check the seals around the frame for any gaps or cracks in which air can leak in. If they are small enough, you may be able to caulk and seal them. However, significant gaps may require a full replacement.

What’s the Age?
If your home is older than your grandparent, then there’s a good chance that it has lead paint on the walls and windows. Also, homes that are older than 35 years generally require much more maintenance and upkeep, which usually means the windows, since they are more vulnerable to deterioration than the rest of the house. Thus, if you have an old house that has never had window replacements, it may be a good idea to get it done for both health and safety reasons.

Design Upgrade
Windows can give your home a great aesthetic value, as long as they look good. If your windows and frames seem old or outdated, then you may want to replace them to give your house a much-needed facelift. The best part about window replacements is that you can choose different options to make your overall design that much more amazing. Whether it’s a bay window for your kitchen or a set of sliding windows with a shutter, you can modernize your home without an expensive remodel.

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